Authored by Alexander Floyd

An essay

An essay is a rather specific work; it seems to be small, but writing an essay requires quite a creative approach and time, as well as certain writing abilities. An essay is an independent essay on a specific topic, and it is usually written on 2-7 pages. It is possible to order an essay in some left-wing firms, but often there instead of actual writing do full plagiarism, so it is better to write yourself. So how to write an essay correctly - this is the algorithm for writing an essay:

  1. First, the author of the essay studies materials, literature, articles of other authors;
  2. Then the author forms his own idea of the issue, he already knows what he will write, about what and how;
  3. The author writes a 1-paragraph introduction, why this topic is studied, why it is interesting, why I decided to write an essay on this topic;
  4. Write the main conclusions, what was researched, what I agree with, what I do not agree with, my own justified opinion (necessarily in their own words);
  5. A conclusion is made - a short conclusion for a paragraph, as if summarizing the whole "essay";
  6. You can write 3-5 sources of literature and make references in the text, which use references to the authors and their opinions.

For example, you were assigned an essay on the functions of money: what do you need to do? Look at what money is, what it is, what are its functions and how it manifests itself and how (according to different authors). Then you write why the question of the functions of money is important and relevant. And you begin to set forth, describing briefly each of the functions of money and the manifestation of this function in the modern world. It is possible to give (in their own words) and the approaches of different authors to the functions of money. Then you formulate a conclusion, put the sources you used, where necessary in the text - and references to them.

Important: do not forget that the essay must be unique, pass the anti-plagiarism test, and usually require uniqueness of 70-90%. It is not necessary to overload the essay with references and quotations (small essays do not require references usually at all). Remember that an essay is not a scientific article (references are important in an article, not so much in an essay, it's just an essay). Yes, there is such a strange fact that in some universities under the essay for some reason is understood an essay (work on 10-15 pages, with an introduction, conclusion, etc.), and even a term paper with data analysis, graphs, etc. But the person who develops such assignments does not know the difference between an essay and an essay, a term paper, or a test paper.

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