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The process of creating an account with Validus is straightforward. It will only take about one minute to join and you can then start your success journey from the minute you join our team.

Note: Your email address must be valid and active because Validus will send an activation link to your email for you to verify and activate your Validus account. To activate and deposit your package click Add Money from the top right corner. Enter the amount you want to add and then click the coin payment gateway button to checkout. Choose the type of Cryptocurrency you want to Debit into the Validus wallet For me I prefer Tether Usdt (Trc20) because the charge is only 1$ from the blockchain. The next thing after your selection is to scroll down and click on check out as seen in the blue box. You have to be very fast because there is time duration on it. Just two minutes to do it. Note: pay exactly what you are asked to pay don’t add anything to it or reduce it if not your money would be refunded back to you. Highlight the exact amount and paste it on the wallet you are using (BINANCE, Trust wallet, HUOBI, etc.) Copy the Validus wallet address and paste in the place required in your exchange, click transfer

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